The Advice Section

Currently, there are no other pages in this section, but that will change. Honest.

Additional pages will be added as as appropriate articles, posts, essays, etc., are written.

Advice, Guidance, & Opinion

Book & QuillThis section of the website doesn't have any real content yet. However, my plan to is to add brief articles, essays, and other 'think-pieces' about Hârn and Burning Wheel.

My vision is that the pieces in this section will not be devoted to specific 'how to' questions of game mechanics or setting adaptation (e.g. "What lifepaths should I take to create a priest of Agrik?")

Instead, I see this as a place to address broader issues of approach, gameplay, and character/scenario/campaign development of specific interest to players and GMs using both the Hârn setting using Burning Wheel rules.

I have a few ideas for writeups already in mind, but if you have something that you would like to see— or write yourself— please feel free to send your suggestions (or contributions) to me at jim [at] burning-harn [dot] net.