About Umbathri

Short, squat, and unbelievably ugly, the impish Umbathri (also known as The Bearer of the Mask) resembles a wingless gargoyle.


Umbrathri do not live wholly in the same physical world as humans (or other Ivashu, for that matter), but exist partially in another dimension. They can even shift fully into that other dimension completely for brief periods of time. It is also extremely difficult to harm Umbrathi with weapons or physical attacks.

Although Umbrathri are intelligent and can speak Ivashi, they are insane by human standards. They appear to use their verbal skills primarily to babble nonsensically.

Prior Versions

The Umbathri writeup found here is a modified version of one previously posted in the "Ivashu for Burning Wheel" thread on the HârnForum.

Umbathri for Burning Wheel

This page contains a Burning Wheel version of the Umbathri, one of the five most common types of Ivashu.


The Bearer of the Mask: A small, annoying, and insane gargoyle that is not entirely of this mortal plane.

Generic Umbathri Beliefs

Generic Umbathri Instincts

Umbathri Stats, Attributes, Traits, Skills, etc.

The table below provides typical stats, attributes, traits, skills, and weapons for a generic Umbathri. There could be variations among individual Umbathri.

Several of the traits listed are Ivashu common traits, found on the general Ivashu page. Other traits are unique/specific to Umbathri. (A list of unique Umbathri traits is found below.) All other traits are either self-explanatory character traits or taken directly from the Monster Burner. For convenience, all traits taken from the Monster Burner are accompanied by a reference to the page number on which the trait is discussed.

Umbathri: The Bearer of the Mask
Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo He Re Ste MW Res Cir
B4 G5 B4 G5 B3 G5 B7 B6 G3 B11 B0 B2
Stride 7/15 Hesitation 6
PTGSSu Li Mi Se Tr Mo
B4 B7 B8 B9 B10 B11
Char Annoying, Batshit, Beast of the Barren Cycle, Not Entirely of This World, Sexless, Stubby Tail
Die Alien (p. 319), Blinker, The Brooder's Tongue, Diminutive Stature (p.325), Hideous (p.332), Horned (p.332), Impervious, Magically Sensitive, No Sense of Smell
Call (none)
Skills Clawing/Biting B3, Horn Butting B2, Insane Babbling* G6,Throwing B2

*Takes the Place of High Speech (Ivashi).
Weapons and DamageType/Name I M S Length VA WS Add
Hands/Fists B2 B3 B4 Shortest 3 2
Bite B2 B3 B4 Shortest 1 2
Horns B3 B5 B7 Shortest 1 1

Umbathri-Specific Traits

Blinker Dt Umbathri Trait

Umbrathi can 'blink' in and out of this plane of existence, and can re-appear in a different location. When 'blinked', an Umbrathi is completely undetectable and can ignore walls, barriers, etc. when moving. An Umbrathi can stay blinked for as long— or as short— as it wishes.

In combat, it takes an Umbathri one action to either blink into or out of existence. This move is scripted as "Blink In" or "Blink out". When blinking in combat, an Umbathri may be considered to have a Stride of 15.

Impervious Dt Umbathri Trait

Umbathri are completely impervious to all kinds of physical attacks. Weapons, hurled objects, and even mundane fire and lightning to do them no harm (although they may find them annoying).

Magically Sensitive Dt Umbathri Trait

Umbathri are extremely sensitive to magic, and may variously be drawn to— or repelled by— its use/presence. Sorcery used against Umbrathi is always at +1D to the attack. Enchanted weapons or objects can harm Umbathri, no matter the nature of the enhantment.

No Sense of Smell Dt Umbathri Trait

Umbathri have no sense of smell. All perception rolls in which olfaction could be helpful are at +2 Ob.

Not Entirely of This World Char Umbathri Trait

Umbathri exist only partly in the ordinary material, mundane world. They simultaneously exist in another world and react to its phenomena at the same time as they react to those of our world. This is one reason for their insanity.