Contact Us

The best way to reach either Mark or Jim is probably to contact us through either the Burning Wheel Forum or HârnForum. Jim is jchokey on both forums; Mark is Tyndale.

Who Are We?

This website is managed by Jim Chokey, with assistance and financial support from Mark Atkinson. We are both gamers who have come to believe that Burning Wheel worked brilliantly for Hârn and wanted to develop a site to help facilitate and encourage the use of the system in the setting. Neither of us have any professional or financial investment in either Burning Wheel or Hârn. We're just enthusiastic fans of both!

Most of the written material here has been prepared by Jim, often after review/comment by Mark and/or other gamers on the Hârn and Burning Wheel forums.

Other Contributors

Although no-one else has yet contributed writeups specifically for the site, some of the material found here incorporates ideas previously posted on the Burning Wheel Forum and HârnForum by Jocke Anderson (Angaros on the forums), Toppi Makkonen (Skiorht), and Tony Hamilton (Durgil). Links to their original forum contributions are provided where referenced.