The Khuzdul

AzadmereThe Khuzdul (Hârn's Dwarves) once shared dominon over Hârn with the Sindarin, but they have since withdrawn to the mountain kindgom of Azadmere, where they live peacefully alongside a number of humans of Jarin ethnicity.

An unusual feature of Azadmere culture, particularly in the city of Azadmere, is the practice of interclan adoption, resulting in a number of clans with both Khuzdul and human members.

More info on the Khuzdul and their homeland can be found in the Azadmere module, published by Columbia Games.

Lifepaths for the Khuzdul

Khuzdul society, as described in Hârn publications, does not completely mirror the Dwarven social structure implied by the Burning Wheel rules, but it is a pretty close match. Below are suggestions for using BWG lifepaths to create Khuzdul characters.

Dwarven Lifepaths & the Khuzdul

Burning Wheel Gold's Dwarven Lifepaths work fairly well as written for burning up Khuzdul characters. Some suggestions for their application:

Despite the practice of Khuzdul-Jarin interclan adoption, Khuzdul characters should be limited to using Dwarven Lifepaths— even if they are members of predominantly human clans.