Hârn's Barbarian Nations

Hârnmaster BarbariansHârn is home to eighteen tribal nations.

Details regarding each barbarian nation can be found in the Hârn Barbarians supplement published by Columbia Games.

Barbarian Lifepaths

For Hârn's barbarian tribes, I recommend using the excellent Tribal Barbarian setting lifepaths that were posted by Toppi Makkonen ("Skiorht") on the Burning Wheel wiki.

While it may be possible to approximate barbrians using combinations of various Peasant, Outcast, and Sub-Setting lifepaths from BWG's Lifepaths of Man, the Tribal Barbarian lifepaths were developed specifically for Hârnic tribesmen and fit the setting beautifully with little or no adaptation required.

Barbarian WarriorExpanding Upon the Tribal Barbarian Lifepaths

Although the Tribal Barbarian lifepaths on the wiki provide a good number of tribal lifepath on Hârn, there are perhaps a few additional lifepaths that could be added, including:

Anyone who develops further barbarian lifepathsfor Hârn is encouraged to submit them to jim [at] burning-harn [dot] net.