News & Updates

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since there have been any updates.

However, I am currently in the process of correcting/removing some outdated links, and I do plan on adding new material eventually.

Please check the Updates page for additional details and to see updates once they are made.

Want to Contribute?

If you have developed your own ideas for adapting Burning Wheel for Hârn and think they would be appropriate here, please contact me.

I can be reached through private messages sent to my username "jchokey" at either the Hârnforum or the Burning Wheel Forum.

Welcome & Introduction

Splash ImageWelcome to the Burning Hârn website!

This site is devoted to the use of the Burning Wheel role-playing game rules in the Hârn RPG setting. If you are new to either Burning Wheel or Hârn please follow the links below to learn about the best system and setting in RPGs:

If you're already familiar with Burning Wheel and Hârn, you may prefer to go directly to one of the other sections of the site, using the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Site Goals

The goal of this site is to provide sugestions, ideas and guidelines for individuals using Burning Wheel ("BW") for gaming in Hârn. Although this subject has been discussed on the Burning Wheel Forum, the HârnForum, and elsewhere, this site seeks to build on those prior efforts, to offer some new ideas, and to present a 'one-stop shop' for the combination of the BW rules system with the Hârn setting.

Additionally, I hope that this site can also provide some introduction and guidance for longtime Hârniacs to the Burning Wheel rules— and what they should expect from them. I also hope that it can serve as a guide to BW-players on the world of Hârn.

Site Philosophy

There are many ways in which one could adapt BW for the Hârn setting. The approach adopted here is to hold tight to the basic principles and mechanics of the BW system, adapting it only as necessary to match the setting (or as encouraged by the rules themselves).

Though it may be possible, and potentially interesting, to try and tweak the core mechanics of Burning Wheel to make it play more like Hârnmaster, that is not the approach taken here.