Optional: Kingdom Cultural Traits

At GM/ group discretion, it may be possible to assign cultural traits to some Hârnic kingdoms to provide a bit more cultural flavor among them.

For example,characters from the Thardic Republic could be given Tolerant of Corruption as a character trait, while those from Melderyn could be given Respect for Arcanists.

Cultural Traits: Hârnic

Noble Hârnic coupleThe 'generic' human, as presented in Burning Wheel Gold, provides a standard for Harn's inhabitants who come from the feudal kingdoms of Rethem, Kanday, Kaldor, Chybisa, and Melderyn, as well as from the Thardic Republic.

As the 'norm', civilized Hârnians of the southern kingdoms do not get any special cultural traits to distinguish themselves from the norm like Jarin, Ivinians, and Hârn's barbarian tribes do.

One exception to this is the Adherent Trait, which specifies which god a character worships. The Adherent trait is automatically given to all civilized Hârnians. Please see the trait description on the Adherents page in the Faith section of the site for more details.