About Aklash

The brutish Aklash, also known as The Vessel of Choking Wind, is a hulking bipedal Ivashu 6-8 feet tall, whose body is covered in thick rolls of blubbery fast.


Aklash have wide, large-fanged maws from which pours an indescribably bad breath. This foul and unnaturally potent odor, which has been compared to a mixture of brimstone and rotting meat, causes profound nausea among all who come near.

Alakash are considered among the less intelligent Ivashu.

Prior Conversions

A prior version of the Aklash writeup here was originally posted in the "Ivashu for Burning Wheel" thread on the HârnForum.

Aklash for Burning Wheel

This page contains a Burning Wheel version of the Aklash, one of the five most common types of Ivashu.


The Vessel of Choking Wind: A blubbery, lumbering, bipedal omnivore with a breath of intense and indescribable foulness.

Generic Aklash Beliefs

Generic Aklash Instincts

Aklash Stats, Attributes, Traits, Skills, etc.

The table below provides typical stats, attributes, traits, skills, and weapons for a generic Aklash. There could be variations among individual Aklash.

Several of the traits listed are Ivashu common traits, found on the general Ivashu page. Other traits are unique/specific to Aklash. (A list of unique Aklash traits is found below.) All other traits are either self-explanatory character traits or taken directly from the Monster Burner. For convenience, all traits taken from the Monster Burner are accompanied by a reference to the page number on which the trait is discussed.

Aklash: The Vessel of Choking Wind

Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo He Re Ste MW Res Cir
B2 B2 B3 B3 B7 B7 B6 B3 B7 B14 B0 B1
Stride 7 Hesitation 8
PTGSSu Li Mi Se Tr Mo
B4 B8 B11 B12 B13 B14
Char Beast of the Barren Cycle, Sexless, Voracious Omnivore
Die Alien (p. 319), The Brooder's Tongue, Brute (p. 324), Brutal Fangs (p. 330), Choking Wind, Color Blind, Deep Brainpan, Massive Stature (p.343), Obedient to the Brooder's Call, Regenerating Flesh, Slashing Claws (p.326), Rolls of Blubber
Call (none)
Skills Claw B4, Bite B3, Belch* B7, Foraging B5, High Speech (Ivashi) B1

*See the Choking Wind trait.
Weapons and DamageType/Name I M S Length VA WS Add
Claws B4 B8 B12 Shortest 1 X 2
Fangs B5 B9 B13 Shortest 1
Belch Longest Spec.

Aklash-Specific Traits

Choking Wind Dt Aklash Trait

An Aklash can use its breath as a weapon by belching foul air at an opponent. This is scripted as "Belch" and has a base target of Ob. 1, plus any normal Fight! modifiers for range, movement, etc. A Belch may be countered by Avoid, but Block or Counterstrike have no effect. For an Aklash belch, target location is irrelevant and there is no armor defense. If successful, the belch triggers a new Steel test in the victim, with additional successes by the Aklash increasing hesitation. An Aklash may not use its breath as a weapon more than once every three actions.

An Aklash may use its breath when calculating for positioning in a Fight! volley if it has a Belch move scripted during that volley; it counts as a weapon in the “longest” category.

Color Blind Dt Aklash Trait

Aklash have poor vision and no sense of color. They are at +1 Ob to all observation tests and vision-based Perception tests.

Deep Brainpan Dt Aklash Trait

An Aklash's brain is not located in the skull, but in a protected brainpan inside of its thick, blubbery chest, beneath an additional layer of bones. Add +1 to Mortal Wound.

Foul Miasma Dt Aklash Trait

Even when not breathing directly at an opponent (see Choking Wind, above), a foul miasma always surrounds an Aklash. Anyone who enters into the presence of an Aklash must make an immediate Steel check. Failure results in nausea-induced hesitation for a number of actions equal to the margin of failure. (Note: Presence would include any Fight range other than missle range. This means that in a Fight situation, an Aklash's opponents will have to make a Steel check immediately aftr engaging the Aklash).

Regenerating Flesh Dt Aklash Trait

The skin and fat of an Aklash heal with terrifying rapidity. Each volley, one superficial wound will heal over. In the absence of superficial wounds, one light wound (-1D) will heal to become two superficial wounds (+1 Ob. total). In the absence of either superficial or light wounds, a midi, severe, or traumatic wound will heal (remove -1D from the wound's damage level and replace it with two superficial wounds, and a would of one lighter level).

Rolls of Blubber Dt Aklash Trait

The entire body of the Aklash is covered with a thick layer of protective blubber. This blubber reduces all incoming damage from blunt weapons or constriction by two pips on the PTGS scale (e.g. from B8 to B6); incoming damage from other sources (edged/piercing weapons, fire, etc.) is reduced by one pip. Cf. the trait Iron Hide on p. 333 of the Monster Burner.