The Sindarin

Evael CoverThe Sindarin, as Hârn's Elves are known, once ruled the whole island. They now dwell only in the Kingdom of Evael, in the Shava Forest, along Hârn's southern coast. A small handful of humans, mostly of Jarin descent, also dwell in Evael.

More info on the Sindarin can be found in the Evael module, published by Columbia Games.

Sindarin Lifepaths

Although Sindarin society, as described in Hârn publications, does not wholly mirror the Elven social structure implied by the Burning Wheel rules, BWG's Elven Lifepaths can still be used to create Sindarin characters.

Elven Lifepaths & The Sindarin

Below are some guidelines for burning Sindarin characters using BWs Elven lifepaths: