The Monster Burner

The Burning Wheel Monster Burner provides general guidelines and detailed mechanics for creating monsters and other fantastic species. It also includes several 'example' monsters and writeups of conventional fantasy creatures (as well as ordinary animals) in bestiary format.

Monster Burner Cover

Many of the traits referred to on the sub-pages here are explained in the Monster Burner.

Send Me Your Monsters!

If you have 'burned up' your own BW versions of Hârn monsters— or even done variant versions of those already posted here— please submit them for posting. To do so, please contact the site webmaster at

jim [at] burning-harn [dot] net

(Please remove the spaces and replace the bracketed words with the appropriate symbols.)

A Hârnic Bestiary for Burning Wheel

This section of the website is devoted to Burning Wheel write-ups/conversions of Hârnic creatures.

Currently, it only has detailed writeups on Ivashu, the strange creatures spawned by the god Ilvir), and some general guidelines on Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. Eventually, I would like to include detailed writeups of other Harn-unique creatures, such as the Ilme, the Centaurim, Hirenu, Yelgri, etc.


The Ivashu, also known as the Fatherless Multitude and the Beasts of the Accursed Cycle, are the spawn of the god Ilvir.

General ideas about creating Ivashu using Burning Wheel rules— including a list of Ivashu Common Traits— can be found on the Ivashu Overview Page. There are also five additional pages for each of the five main types of Ivashu:

Sindarin & Khuzdul

The rules for creating Elves and Dwarves in Burning Wheel Gold, including these races' unique forms of magic (Elven spellsongs and Dwarven black artifice) and emotional attributes (grief and greed) fit very nicely with the presentation of Sindarin and Khuzdul in the Hârn setting.

Some of Burning Wheel's lifepath descriptions (e.g. the Elves having a ruling class of 'etharchs') present Elven and Dwarven social/political organization in ways that do not entirely fit in with the Hârnic decriptions of the social arrangements of the Elder Peoples.

These lifepaths can still be used in character creation, but it should be understood that the terms used in Burning Wheel Gold may not necessarily correspond exactly to actual Hârnic Elven and Dwarven titles and social/political roles. For more guidance, please see the Sindarin Lifepaths and Khuzdul Lifepaths pages.


The rules for creating Orc characters in Burning Wheel Gold should work fairly well for creating Hârnic Gârgun. GMs/groups may prefer, however, not to use the 'Rituals of Night' rules, since Hârn's orcs do not use magic.

At some point in the future, would be worthwhile to develop distinct of cultural traits for each of the various subspecies of Hârnic Gârgun (e.g Gârgu-viasal, Gârgu-khanu, etc.)