Choosing Spheres of Influence

I have chosen to treat each of the ten main gods of the Hârnic pantheon as chief deities per the Religion rules in the Magic Burner, assigning them five spheres of influence each.

BW's Religion rules suggest that each chief deity be assigned one sphere in the natural world, one related to the human condition, and one related to society/culture.

For some of Hârn's gods, this is not appropriate. (Halea and Larani both seem to have little to do with nature.) The suggestions listed on the right, therefore, do not conform completely to BW's guidelines.

Spheres of Other Gods

Currently, this site only has spheres of influence suggestions for the ten gods of the Hârnic pantheon.

Recommended spheres for the gods of Hârn's barbarians, and for the minor divine servants will be added later.

The Gods: Spheres of the Pantheon

The list below outlines my suggestions regarding spheres of influence for the ten major gods of the Hârnic pantheon: Agrik, Halea, Ilvir, Larani, Morgath, Naveh, Peoni, Sarajin, Save-K'nor, and Siem. At group/GM discretion, different spheres of influence could, of course, be chosen.

Agrikan ChurchAgrik

Agrik, the Warlord of Balgashang, is master over the following five spheres:

Halean ChurchHalea

Halea, the Unchaste Mistress of Golden Bargains, rules over the spheres of:

Ilviran ChurchIlvir

Ilvir, the Master of Araka-Kalai has powers over:

Laranian ChurchLarani

Larani, the Lady of Paladins, holds sway over the following five spheres:

Morgathian ChurchMorgath

Morgath, the Tormentor of the Unlamented Dead, is master of:

Navehan ChurchNaveh

Naveh, the Lord of Pitch Shadows, rules over these five spheres:

Peonian ChurchPeoni

Peoni, the Lady of Industrious Labors and Ripe Harvest, is affiliated with:

Sarajinian ChurchSarajin

Sarajin, the Lord of the Icy Wind, is master of:

K'norran ChurchSave-K'nor

Save-K'nor, the Lost Guide, has powers in the following five spheres:

Siem ChurchSiem

Siem, the Never-Changing Lord of the Azure Bowl, can be assigned the following spheres: