Other Affiliations

Affiliations need not be limited to organized institutions. Here are some other possibilities for character affiliations in Hârn:

Clan Affiliations

Characters can take an affiliation with a specific clan/family (presumably their own). A fifth or sixth son or member of a minor branch of the clan would probably only get a +1D affiliation; prominent/distinguished clan members might merit a +2D; while a clanhead or favorite son/daughter might get +3D.

Class Affiliations

It is also possible to have affiliations with a more broadly definied social/economic group, such as “the nobility” (cf. the Mark of Privelege trait). In the example of the nobility, one might give a +1D affiliation to an ordinary knight, a +2D to a Baron or Earl, and +3D to a member of the royal family.

Household Affiliations

One might have an affiliation to an individual households (e.g. the household of the Earl of Techen), Domestic servants ordinary men-at-arms might have +1D, skilled craftsman and retainers might have +2D; actual family members or trusted advisors might have +3D.

Affiliations in Hârn

In Burning Wheel, characters who are part of a group/organization (such as a church, guild, legion) are considered to have an Affiliation with the entity in question.

Affiliations come in three 'values': +1D, +2D, and +3D. The value of an affiliation usually corresponds to the rank that character holds in the organization (higher rank = higher affiliation), but this is not a strict requirement.

Below are some rough suggestions for appropriate affiliation levels for guilds, churches, and military bodies.

Guild SymbolGuild Affiliations

For members of Hârn's guilds, typical affiliations would be:

Church Affiliations

For members of Hârn's churches, typical affiliations would be:

Cohorts AchievementMilitary Affiliations

Military organizations (mercenary companies, armies, royal guards, fighting orders, etc.) would have affiliations like the following:

Tribal Affiliations

Members of barbarian tribes might have affiliations, such as:

SagesChantry Affiliations:

Mages in the Shek-Pvar or others affiliated with a chantry should probably have affiliations to that chantry.