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This website currently has three pages devoted to human cultural traits in Hârn:

There is also an

which lists all new traits introduced on burning-harn.net.


Traits are among the most important character mechanics in Burning Wheel. Traits define a character's appearance, abilities, and personaility. BW also provides rules mechanics to give Traits real meaning and effect in actual play.

The Burning Wheel Gold contains an extensive list of traits for humans, elves, dwarves and orcs. The Monster Burner contains numerous additional traits, as well as rules for the creation/introduction of new traits.

This section of the website provides information on Hârnic cultural traits as well as information on new specific traits that may be worth introducing into BW games set in Hârn.

Cultural Traits

In a game with multiple human cultures, two or three Cultural Traits should be assigned each nationality, to reflect cultural/ethnic distinctions. Characters from those cultures can take those traits automatically, in addition to all other traits.

This website currently has three pages devoted to human Cultural Traits: Hârnic Cultural Traits, Jarin & Ivinian Cultural Traits, and Barbarian Cultural Traits

It should be possible to assign cultural traits for non-Hârnic cultures, like those of Shorkyne, Emelrene, Azeryan, Dalkesh, etc.