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Introduction Lifepaths of Man

Most Hârnic lifepath trajectories (at least for humans) can be established with the Lifepaths of Man pages from Burning Wheel Gold.

However, there are some areas where customization may help reflect the background experiences or professional knowledge, that some Hârnic characters may have.

This section of the site suggests how to use BWG lifepaths for Hârnic character creation, with particular attention to using the Lifepaths of Man for guilds, churches, and cultural/regional groups unique to Hârn.

There are also pages on using Burning Wheel's Elven and Dwarven lifepaths for the Sindarin and Khuzdul.

Lifepath Settings and Hârn

Burning Wheel lifepaths are grouped into settings (and sub-settings) that represent the various range of possibilities open to characters within a given social context. Examples include Peasant Setting, City Setting, Military Setting, Church Setting, and so on.

These settings map out neatly onto Hârn's social structure— at least for the civilized human kingdoms of southern Hârn: