About Hru

Also known as Rock Giants, the placid Hru are among the most unusual of Ilvir's creations.


Hru are nocturnal. By day, their bodies take the form of giant boulders and are completely immobile. At night, they become 12-14 feet tall humanoid creatures, whose skin remains as tough as rock.

Hru are social creatures who live in groups. They are highly intelligent, but they speak very slowly and in frequencies at the lower threshold of human hearing.

Prior Conversions

A prior version of the Hru writeup here was originally posted in the "Ivashu for Burning Wheel" thread on the HârnForum.

Hru for Burning Wheel

This page contains a Burning Wheel version of the Hru, one of the five most common types of Ivashu.


The Rock Giant: A gentle giant with flesh of stone.

Generic Hru Beliefs

Generic Hru Instincts

Generic Hru Stats, Attributes, Traits, Skills, etc.

The table below provides typical stats, attributes, traits, skills, and weapons for a generic Hru. There could be variations among individual Hru.

Several of the traits listed are Ivashu common traits, found on the general Ivashu page. Other traits are unique/specific to Hru. (A list of unique Hru traits is found below.) All other traits are either self-explanatory character traits or taken directly from the Monster Burner. For convenience, all traits taken from the Monster Burner are accompanied by a reference to the page number on which the trait is discussed.

Hru: The Rock Giant

Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo He Re Ste MW Res Cir
B4 B4 B3 B3 G10 G9 B9 B3 B4 G15 B0 B2
Stride 7 Hesitation 7
PTGSSu Li Mi Se Tr Mo
B9 G2 G11 G13 G14 G15
Char Beast of the Barren Cycle, Gregarious, Peaceful, Sexless
Die Alien (p. 319), The Brooder's Tongue, Earth Drinker, Gigantic Stature (p.343), Hammer Hands (p. 331), Low-Frequency Hearing, Low-Frequency Voice, Nocturnal (p.335), Obedient to the Brooder's Call, Shapechanger, Speech of Ages (p.340), Stone Skin (p.336), Thundering Stride
Call (none)
Skills Brawling B3, Earth & Stone-wise B5, Intimidation B7*, Mountain-wise B6, High Speech (Ivashi) B4

*See the Thundering Stride trait.
Weapons and DamageType/Name I M S Length VASpd Add
Fists B6 B12 G2 Shortest 3 2

Hru-Specific Traits

Earth Drinker Dt Hru

Hru do not eat or drink; like a tree, they draw their sustenance from the earth itself. A Hru can only 'starve' if it is removed from contact with rock or soil for an extended period of time.

Low Frequency Hearing Dt Hru

Hru can hear (and feel) infrasonic sounds that cannot be heard by most other creatures. +2D on Perception tests involving low pitches or vibrations.

Low Frequency Voice Dt Hru

Hru speak (or to be more accurate, sing) in a rumbling voice barely on the threshold of human hearing. The low vibrations of Hru-voices can carry for great distances through rocky ground. Hru-song is disconcerting for most non-Hru to hear. +2 Ob. on any social tests by Hru on non-Hru.

Shapechanger Dt Hru

At night, Hru are giant, bulky bipeds; during they day, they sleep in the form of large boulders or rockpiles. In day-form, Hru are immobile and indistinguishable from normal boulders; it takes an Ob. 9 Perception test to tell that a boulder or rockpile is actually a sleeping Hru.

(Note: Although Hru can awaken and take biped form during the day, they do so only for the direst emergencies.)

Thundering Stride Dt Hru

The crushing, sound of Hru-steps is unnerving to those who hear it. In Fight, a Hru gets a free Intimidate action each exchange in which it seeks to Vie for Position. This action is resolved during the positioning phase of the exchange, in tandem with the positioning test. Any hesitation resulting from a failed Steel check by the Hru's opponent(s) starts on the first action of the exchange.