About Vlasta

Also known as The Swift Ones and The Eaters of Eyes, Vlasta are small pack-hunters, with a strange predeliction for consuming eyes.


Vlasta are among the smallest of Ivashu, rarely exceeding 18" tall. They possess an exceptionally strong tail and hind legs, which enable them to make great extraordinary leaps of up to 20 feet long and 7-8 feet high.

Vlasta also have a protruding, beaklike snout, which they use, in combination with their fine-fingered hands, to rip out other creatures' eyes— their favorite delicacy.

Prior Versions

The Vlasta writeup found here is a modified version of one originally posted by Skiorht in the "Ivashu for Burning Wheel" thread on the HârnForum.

Vlasta for Burning Wheel

This page contains a Burning Wheel version of the Vlasta, one of the five most common types of Ivashu.


The Swift Ones: Small, incredibly fast bipedal Ivashu pack hunters with a penchant for eyes.

Generic Vlasta Beliefs

Generic Vlasta Instincts

Vlasta Stats, Attributes, Traits, Skills, etc.

The table below provides typical stats, attributes, traits, skills, and weapons for a generic Vlasta. There could be variations among individual Vlasta.

Several of the traits listed are Ivashu common traits, found on the general Ivashu page. Other traits are unique/specific to Vlasta. (A list of unique Vlasta traits is found below.) All other traits are either self-explanatory character/cosmetic traits or taken directly from the Monster Burner. For convenience, all traits taken from the Monster Burner are accompanied by a reference to the page number on which the trait is discussed.

Vlasta: The Eaters of Eyes
Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo He Re Ste MW Res Cir
B2 B4 B5 B7 B2 B2 B2 B5 B5 B7 B0 B1
Stride 8 Hesitation 8
PTGSSu Li Mi Se Tr Mo
B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7
Char Beast of the Barren Cycle, Sexless, Snaggle-Toothed Snout
Die Alien (p. 319), The Brooder's Tongue, Leaper (Errata, p. 7), Night-eyed (p. 347), Obedient to the Brooder's Call, Small Stature, Snatching Claws
Call Fine Bones (p. 329), Powerful Tail
Skills Clawing/Biting B5, Hunting B5, Stealthy B4, Prey-wise B2, Eye-wise B2, Den-wise B2, High Speech (Ivashi) B1 (understanding only; cannot speak)
Weapons and DamageType/Name I M S Length VA WS Add
Claws B1 B2 B3* Shortest X 1
Beak B2 B3 B4 Shortest 1

Vlasta-Specific Traits

Powerful Tail C/O Vlasta

The Vlasta's muscular tail provides it with balance and momentum. Call-on for Avoid and Counterstrike moves against larger opponents.

Snatching Claws Dt Vlasta

The Vlasta's tiny arms end in hooked claws suitable for grasping and snatching objects, especially eyes. If a Vlasta scores a Superb result on a claw attack on target’s head, roll DoF. On a result of 1-3, normal damage occurs, on a 4-6 an eye is taken out. If an eye is snatched, increase damage by three pips (from B3 to B6) and the target must immediately make a Steel check.