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About the Earthmasters

Information on the Earthmasters can be found in several Hârn publications, including the various articles devoted to Earthmaster ruins at Pesino, Elkall-Anuz, Telumar, Bejist, Anisha, Gedan, etc.

An Earthmasters article was also published as part of the Columbia Games' Melderyn module, and has since been reprinted.

The Earthmasters: An Overview

AnishaLittle is known of the Earthmasters (also known as the Ancients) who dwelt on Hârn from approximately 20,000-15,000 BT.

Legends claim that the Earthmasters ruled all of Kethira, could travel huge distances instantly, controlled the weather, and could command the minds of lesser creatures.

These pages provide suggestions on using the Burning Wheel rules to reflect character knowledge about this mysterious race and how to address unique facets of Earthmaster ruins and artifacts.

Earthmaster Lore

The skill Earthmaster-wise can be used to reflect a character's knowledge on all matters pertaining to the Earthmasters. Characters who lack this skill can always try Beginner's Luck.

Characters with the Obscure History skill may also use it to ascertain specific points regarding the history of the Earthmasters, although target obstacles should probably be higher than for Earthmaster-wise since the skill's scope is much broader, as discussed on the Skills page.

Earthmaster Artifacts & Aura Reading

Earthmaster artifacts have auras that can be perceived by those sensitive to spiritual, psychic, and magical energies. The ability to perceive and manipulate these auras is required in order to use many Ancient objects.

The Burning Wheel skill Aura Reading can be used to represent a character's ability to use Earthmaster artifacts.

Option: Strong Auras Required

Hârn publications suggest that Earthmaster artifacts are usable only by those with powerful auras. To reflect this, GMs/groups may wish to limit the ability to use Earthmaster artifacts to characters who possess Gray-shaded Perception, Gray-shaded Will, or the Second Sight, Gifted, or Convocational Attunement traits.