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Burning Wheel is very well suited for Hârn as written. However some interpretation and adapation enables the system to better reflect unique elements of the Hârnic setting. This section of the site discusses some general approaches and considerations regarding BW and Hârn.

Common-Sense Adaptations

In many cases, the changes required to adapt BW for Hârn are fairly obvious.

Adjusting for Technology

BW rules pertaining to warfare technologies that do not exist in Hârn (e.g. full plate, firebombs, firearms) can be ignored.

Setting-Appropriate Lifepaths

Some lifepaths in Burning Wheel Gold, (such as Wizard of War) may not be plausible in the Hârn setting. Such lifepaths should probably not be used.

Setting-Appropriate Races & Monsters

Creatures from the Monster Burner that do not have analogues in the Hârnic setting (such as Roden, Great Spiders, Great Wolves, etc.) should not be used.

Non-Magical Orcs

As Hârn's gârgun are non-magical, the BW rules for Orcish "Rituals of Night" should not be used.

Limited Magical Options

Not all magic options in the Burning Wheel Magic Burner are appropriate for use in Hârn. See General Magic Page for specific suggestions.

Tweaking Lifepaths

In some cases, it may be desirable to 'tweak' lifepaths found in the Burning Wheel Gold rules which assign traits that are not applicable to the Hârn setting .