New Wises for Hârn

'Wise' skills, as noted in Burning Wheel Gold (p. 309) and discussed at length in the Adventure Burner (pp. 300-309) are used to represent a character's knowledge of specific kinds of information, or about the setting itself.

Below are some examples of Hârn-specific wises that players/characters could take.

Occupational Wises

Wises can be related to a character's profession. A Miller might have Grain-wise, Flour-wise, Mill-Wise, etc. A weaponcrafer might have Steel-wise, Sword-wise, Shield-wise, etc. Any guildsman might have Guild-wise, Apprentice-Wise, Mangai Politics-wise, etc.

Locale Wises

Wises could also relate to a given locale, ranging from an individual settlement to a kingdom. Possibilities might include Kaldor-wise or Melderyn-wise. Ikoshire-wise or Hefiosa-wise, Cherafir-wise, Araka-Kalai-wise, etc. Wises could potentially be taken.

People/Institution Wises

Wises could also be taken to reflect knowledge of groups of people or institutions, ranging from clans to religious orders to miliary groups, to whole nations. Possibilites might include Royal Family-wise, Fuming Gate wise, Legion-wise, Senate-wise, Shek-Pvar-wise, Ivinian-wise, etc.

New Skills

As noted on the Skills Overview Page, Burning Wheel Gold provides most of the skills likely to be known by characters in the Hârn.

However, a few additional skills are helpful to represent some aspects of the Hârnic setting. particularly with regard to its guilded occupations. These proposed new skills are listed below.


Embalming Root: Agility
Through the Embalming skill, a character is able to prepare a corpse for burial or cremation per cultural/religious norms. It is primarily a "Get a Job" skill.
Obstacles: Concealing morbid colors and smells, Ob. 2. Full mummification, Ob. 4.
FoRKs: Alchemy, Burial Rites
Skill Type: Special Tools:Workshop


Glazier Root: Agility
Through the Glazier skill, a character is able to create glass from clay or sand. Using specialized tools/techniques, the character may also shape, color, or cut the glass. It is primarily a "Get a Job" skill.
Obstacles: Plain beads, Ob 1. Plain bottles, Ob. 2. Cathedral stained glass windows, Ob. 5.
FoRKs: Potter, Appropriate Wises.
Skill Type: Craftsman Tools: Workshop


Perfumery Root: Perception
The Perfumery skill is tested when a character wishes to concoct perfumes, soaps, incense and another aromatic mixtures. It is primarily a "Get a Job" skill.
Obstacles: Essential waters/oils, Ob 1. Ordinary Perfume/Soap, Ob. 2. Fine Perfume or incense, Ob. 3.
FoRKs: Alchemy, Appropriate Wises.
Skill Type: Special Tools: Workshop


Salter Root: Perception
This skill is tested when a character seeks to dry, pickle, cure, or otherwise preserve food using salt, brine, or the like. It is primarily a "Get a Job" skill.
Obstacles: Pickles, Ob 1. Salt cod, Ob. 2. Fine hams, Ob. 3.
FoRKs: Cooking, Appropriate Wises.
Skill Type: Craftsman Tools: Yes. Expendable