About Godstones

Found at all Earthmaster sites, Godstones are among the most enigmatic of all Ancient structures. These 10' tall, angled monoliths are made of an unnaturally uniform stone-like material. They are impervious to physical and magical harm..

Godstones radiate powerful auras. Those sensitive to immaterial energies have described the auras of Godstones as "static, non-changing, cold, and impersonal", quite unlike the auras of living creatures and mundane magical artifacts. They also say that the auras of 'active' Godstones are extraordinarily powerful, like 'beacons, capable of being sensed from long distances away'.

More information can be found in the Godstones article published by Columbia Games.


Mages of the Shek-Pvar have discovered that the Godstones found at Earthmaster sites can function as 'gates' enabling instantaneous travel to other destinations.

Any living creature can move through an already 'active' godstone, regardless of its aura or its understanding of the obelisk's function. However, a test of Aura Reading (as described on the Earthmasters Overview page) is required to otherwise control the stone.

Attempts to bring non-living materials through a godstone require a test of Will, as described below.

Controlling Godstones

The manipulation of godstones requires a test of Aura Reading (as described on the Earthmasters Overview page). Suggested target obstacles:

Activate/Deactivate a Godstone
Ob. 3
Assess the current destination location of a Godstone.
Ob. 4
Change the destination location of a Godstone.
Ob. 5

When assessing/changing destination location, the following modifiers apply:

Taking Things Through Godstones

Living beings can pass through godstones without a test. However, bringing non-living materials through a godstone requires a test of Will, as follows:

Recently dead plants or animals.
Ob. 2
Long dead plants or animals (untreated wood, bones, etc.)
Ob. 3
Materials crafted out of the remains of plants and animals
Ob. 4
Unrefined metals or minerals (e.g. ores)
Ob. 5
Forged or crafted metals
Ob. 6

The following modifiers may be applied:

Failure Consequences

Failure consequences when using godstones can depend on a variety of factors (such as whether one was merely activating/de-activating a stone, or actually traveling through it), but some possibilities include:

GMs and groups can, of course, come up with other consequences.