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Additionally, there is a page in the Lifepaths section devoted to Hârnic Church Lifepaths that includes suggestions for burning up priestly characters.

Faith in Hârn: Overview

Stained Glass WindowBurning Wheel Gold's Faith rules (pp. 522-527) can be used in Hârn without any customization by taking the approach that Faith functions 'supertheistically' per p. 55 of the Religion section of the Magic Burner.

With this approach, one can use the basic Faith rules from the Burning Wheel Gold without imposing any limitations, distinctions, or modifications to reflect differences among the gods and their followers. Faith would thus be mechanically identical for Agrikans, Haleans, Ilvirans, tribal gods, etc. This is probably the easiest approach to take, as it keeps the rules simple.

Burning Wheel, however, does provide guidelines for customizing the Faith rules to reflect the unique religious backgrounds of individual campaign settings.

The pages in this section of the website provide suggestions on how to apply Burning Wheel's guidelines to customizing Faith for Hârn.