Finding Burning Wheel

Although Burning Wheel is an independently produced game, it can be found at some local brick-and-mortar game stores.

It can also be ordered online from from The Burning Wheel Store.

The Forum and Wiki

The Burning Wheel Forum is an online discussion forum devoted to Burning Wheel and other Luke Crane games. The game's developers and many highly experienced players post there and are willing to give answers and advice to folks exploring the system.

The Burning Wheel Wiki (no longer online, but accessible through Wayback Machine) contains all sorts of great Burning Wheel Resources, including character sheets, worksheets, FAQs, previews of the rulebooks, a downloadable GM screen, ideas for new traits and lifepaths, and much, much more.

The Legal Stuff…

Burning Wheel, Burning Wheel Gold, Monster Burner, Magic Burner, and Adventure Burner are all registered trademarks of Luke Crane. The use of these or other trademarks on this site is in no way intended as a challenge to the status of those trademarks.

The pages of this website constitute a derivative work of copyrighted material by Luke Crane (Burning Wheel) as well as Columbia Games, Inc. and the estate of N. Robin Crossby (Hârn). These pages have been made freely available for personal use by individuals seeking to use the Burning Wheel rules in the Hârn RPG setting, without any endorsement from the copyright holders. The material on these pages may not be redistributed commercially.

About Burning Wheel

Burning Wheel ("BW") is a role-playing game rules system written and published by Luke Crane. The system is intended for use in fantasy-themed role playing in a quasi-medieval world. It provides detailed rules for armed combat, social conflict, magic, and Elf, Dwarf, Orc and Human characters— but is not linked to any specific setting. It is my opinion that it works beautifully for Hârn.

Editions and Books

In August 2011, the third edition of the Burning Wheel rules was officially released under the name Burning Wheel Gold. This site been updated and is now fully compatible with Burning Wheel Gold (BWG)

Those still using the second edition of Burning Wheel (also called the "Revised Edition," "Burning Wheel Revised," or simply "BWR,") should be able to use most of the material here with only minor tweaks.

Monster BurnerThe Adventure Burner (published in 2010) is an essential supplement to the BW core rules. It provides detailed guidance on how to use the mechanics of Burning Wheel to create the kinds of characters, stories, and games that will make for great play. In doing so, it draws upon over five years of wisom from both the game's designer and from the Burning Wheel Forum.

Also in print is the Burning Wheel Monster Burner which contains rules for 'burning' (i.e. creating) new and unique creatures, a bestiary of various critters, and guidelines on creating new traits, new skills, lifepaths, etc— for both humans and monsters.

Magic BurnerThe Burning Wheel Magic Burner contains detailed rules on magical options not included in the basic Burning Wheel Gold rules. (Note: BWG contains detailed rules for five magic systems. The Magic Burner exands the range of possible magic systems and provides some conceptual points to consider regarding magic in play.)

Mount BurnerIn addition to these in-print volumes, there is also a Mount Burner (with detailed rules for horses and mounted combat) available as a PDF download on the Burning Wheel Wiki.

The wiki also contains many ideas for additional settings, lifepaths, traits, etc., as well as character sheets, combat scripting sheets, etc. Excerpts from all five of the above volumes are also available for download from the wiki.