Earthmaster Sites

The ruins of the Earthmasters are scattered across Hârn and continental Lythia. Most sites are in remote, inaccessible locations. Ancient buildings are in much better condition than one would expect, given their antiquity.

Some ruins have unique and mysterious phenomena associated with them, like the 'light storms' of Telumar. Others are known for odd, magical structures, like the Gazer's Well, at Elkall-Anuz.

Individuals who are sensitive to auras, magic, and spirit phenomena find Earthmaster sites to be 'noisy', as if filled with unseen and extremely power magical energies. The focal points of these energies are typically (though not exclusively) the mysterious Godstones that stand at each site.

Earthmaster Sites

This page contains guidance on how to handle the unique characteristics of Earthmaster sites using the Burning Wheel rules.

TelumarAural Noise

Those able to sense magical, spiritual, and psychic energies ofen describe Earthmaster sites as 'noisy', due to the strange and overwhelming auras radiating from the Godstones and other structures.

Characters with Gray-shaded Perception and/or the Second Sight, Gifted, or Convocational Attunement traits suffer +1 Ob. penalties on all tasks involving mental concentration while among Ancient ruins because of the distraction. At GM/group discretion, characters with other quasi-magical traits (e.g. Dreamer, Sixth Sense, Weather Sense) may also be subject to this penalty or to other effects.

Characters who spend significant time (GM/group discretion) residing at an Earthmaster site may eventually become used to this 'noise' and ignore this penalty.

Aura-Activated Structures

Some Earthmaster sites contain doors, gates, and other portals that can only be opened (or in some cases, seen) by characters with powerful auras.

The ability to sense and open manipluate such structures can be handled through the Aura Reading skill as described in the Artifacts & Aura Reading section of the Earthmasters Overview page.