Tribes Who Worship Pantheon Gods

For tribes that worship one of the gods of the Harnic Pantheon (e.g. the Anoa, the Pagaelin, Chelni converts to Sarajin), the god can still be considered a major god, with the same five areas of influence indicated on the Spheres of the Gods of Pantheon page.

Variant: At GM/group discretion, members of tribes who worship the gods of the civilized pantheon may only be able to access three of the god's domains domains, rather than all five.

Tribes without Gods

Some of Hârn's tribal peoples do not worship gods in the traditional sense. No entries are provided for these tribal nations:

Characters from these nations should probably not take the Faithful trait unless they have converted to the worship of a foreign god.

Spheres of Hârn's Barbarian Gods

This page provides suggestions regarding spheres of influence for the unique gods of Hârn's 'barbarian' nations. These tribal gods can be trreated as minor deities per the Religion rules in the Magic Burner, assigning them three spheres of influence each.The list below is organized alphabetically by tribal nation.

Note: This list does not have entries for tribes who worship the gods of the civilized Hârnic pantheon, or who are purely animistic. For information on those tribes, see the sidebar.

The Adaenum God: Manaclir

Manaclir, the "great grey god" of the Adaenum, has power over the following spheres:

Manaclir's domain over the sea includes power over its winds and creatures.

The Chymak Goddess: Kuarthurlu

Kuarthurlu, the all-powerful squid goddess of the Chymak holds sway over the following spheres

Kualthurlhu's domain over the sea includes power over its winds and the creatures that dwell within it.

The Equani/Kuboran/Urdu Gods: Kemlar, Heneryne, and Crador

These three northwestern tribes have the same pantheon of gods, who collectively rule over the following spheres:

The Gozyda God: Oyinath

Oyinath, the creator god of the Gozyda, rules over these three spheres:

Oyinath's domain of animals includes sea creatures as well as land animals.

The Kamaki Gods: Shadet-etu, Mala-kar, and Retek-sut

This trio of Kamaki deities have power over the following domains:

The Solori God: Matasum

The Solori worship Matasum, whom they also believe to be their ancestor. Matasum has power over the following:

Kualthurlhu's domain over the sea includes power over its winds and the creatures that dwell within it.

The Taelda God: Cothllynn

The Taelda revere several gods. Their principal deity is Cothllynn, whom they identify with the Sun. Cothlynn's spheres of influence are:

Note: on p. 7 of the "Barbarians" article from Hârnmaster Barbarians, it is suggested that Cothllynn may be a manfestation of the god Siem. At GM/group discretion, Cothlynn may be considered a major god and have the same five spheres as Siem, instead of the three outlined above.

The Tulwyn God: Kekamar

The Tulwyn are animistic, but believe that Kekamar, "God of Winds and Lord of Death Storms" rules over all spirits and the land of Athul.

Kekmar's domain also extends to the Farin River, east of Athul.

The Ymodi God: Wajok

Each Ymodi tribe has its own guardian spirit(s) that watch over them. The god Wajok, who dwells in the rapids of the Weben River, is the overlord of all these spirits. Wajok's spheres of influence include:

At GM/group discretion, Wajok may also have dominion over all river rapids, as well as the whole Rayesha mountain range.