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This section contains additional pages for the following:

Additionally, the Ritual Page in the Faith Section of the site includes guidance for applying Burning Wheel's Ritual skill in Hârn's religious setting.

Inappropriate Skills

Because of Hârn's level of martial technology, the following skills from the Burning Wheel rules are not appropriate:

Lifepaths that confer those skills can either be left out, or modified to include another appropriate skill.

Skills: Overview

MasonThe skills listed Burning Wheel Gold encompass most of the skills likely to be known or used by characters in the world of Hârn.

A few skills in the BW rules, however, are not appropriate for the Hârn setting. These are listed in the Inappropriate Skills section of the sidebar on the left.

There are also some skills in the BW rules for which modification is useful in the Hârnic setting. These are discussed in the Modified Skills section below.

There are separate pages devoted to Religious Skills and to some New Skills proposed on this site.

Modified Skills

Some skills from Burning Wheel Gold may require a bit of re-interpretation or contextualization in the Hârnic setting. Here are some suggestions:

History (Ancient): This skill confers knowledge of Hârnic history, from the time of Elves through the age of Lothrim.

History (Local): This skill should be understood as applying to a specific kingdom (e.g. Tharda, Melderyn, Azadmere) or possibly even to a specific city or shire. The GM and players should decide upon the specific locale at the time the skill is taken.

History (Obscure): In Hârn, this skill confers knowledge of particularly mysterious points of Hârnic history, including history regarding the Earthmasters, the Dark Years, and the history of secret, arcane matters.

Philosophy: Harnic philosophers focus on natural philosophy rather than on moral or social questions. In Hârn, the Philosophy skill represents knowledge of Pvarism, the hexa-elemental philosophy of nature that is almost universally embraced by scholars and wizards.

Please also see the Religious Skills page for a discussion of how to contextualize skills such as Demonology, Doctrine, Religious History, Suasion in Hârn's unusual polytheistic environment.