Guilds in Hârn

In Hârn, practitioners of crafts and other skilled trades organize themselves into guilds, which possess charters granting them significant power over the commercial life of cities and even some rural regions.

Hârn's guilds are normally local in scope, although there is some coordination among guilds of different regions. Also, within most of Hârn's kindgoms,there is an interguild instutition, called the Mangai, that works to resolve disputes among guilds and to represent cross-guild concerns to political and ecclesiastical authorities.


The Lifepaths of Man section of Burning Wheel Gold contains numerous lifepaths appropriate for members of Hârn's guilds.

Street with Guild SignsSome of these lifepaths (e.g. Apprentice, Journeyman, Apprentice Artisan, Artisan, Master Craftsman, Master Artisan) are general in scope and can be applied to multiple guilds.

Others pertain more specifically to individual guilds (Advocate for the Litigants' Guild; Sailor for the Seamans' Guild; Brewer and Hosteller for the Innkeepers' Guild, Physician and Doctor for the Society of Physicians and so on).

By using these and other existing lifepaths in various combinations, most Hârnic guilded professions can be accurately represented. The Suggested Guild Lifepaths page of this website has a detailed guild-by list of lifepaths to use for each guild.

Guild Membership

Any character who has completed a lifepath conferring appropriate skills and takes an Affiliation of +1D or more with a Hârnic guild may be considered to have achieved membership in that guild.

This affiliation could be granted through the Made Man trait (gained through the Journeyman lifepath) or purchased using Resource Points during character creation.