Convocational Attunement

During their apprenticeship, Shek-Pvar mages become physically and spiritually attuned to one of the six Pvaric convocations.

This is represented through the Convocational Attunement trait, described on the right. This new trait replaces the Gifted trait for Shek-Pvar mages.

Multiple Attunements

It is possible for Convocational Attunement to be taken multiple times, for different convocations.

A mage who possesses both Savoryan Attunement and Lyahvi Attunement, for instance, could cast spells of both the Savorya and Lyahvi convocations.

Gray Magic

Gray Magic, the neutral magic at the hub of the Pvaric Wheel, can be learned/cast with any convocational attunement trait.

BW spells of the Arcana element can be considered Gray magic.

Pvaric Convocations

Burning Wheel Gold's Sorcery rules (pp. 499-521) work well for representing the elemental/convocational magic of Hârn's Shek-Pvar mages.

The following variations to those rules are suggested to reflect the convocational nature of Pvaric magic.

Convocational Attunement

Pvaric mages require the Convocational Attunement trait, rather than the Gifted trait, in order to perform Sorcery. This is a new trait, and is described below.

Convocational Attunement Dt Lifepath Trait
The character is attuned to one of the six Pvaric convocations (Fyvria, Jmorvi, Peleahn, Lyavhi, Savorya, or Odvishe). The specific convocation must be chosen at the time the trait is taken. The character may learn, cast, abstract, and develop spells of the chosen convocation. The character may also learn and cast Gray Magic (i.e. spells at the hub of the Pvaric Wheel, belonging to no convocation).

When creating a Shek-Pvar mage, any lifepath which confers the Gifted trait can be considered as conferring Convocational Attunement instead.

Pvaric Convocations & BW Sorcery

In rules terms, the Pvaric convocations/attunements function as follows:

PeleahnPeleahn Attunement

Can use BW Fire spells as well as Anima spells that increase the speed or aging of living things (e.g. Horses' Stride).

FyvriaJmorvi Attunement

Can use BW Earth spells affecting metal (e.g Turn Away the Blade) or involving craft or crafted objects (e.g. Mend).

FyvriaFyvrian Attunement

Can use BW Earth spells involving dirt and rock (e.g Shards) and Anima spells that affect living/dead bodies (e.g Strength of the Ox).

SavoryaOdivshe Attunement

Can use BW Water spells, Heaven spells involving darkness (e.g Dark of Night), and Anima spells which slow movement.

SavoryaSavoryan Attunement

Can use BW Anima spells involving the mind, will, emotions (e.g The Fear), and the senses (e.g Cat's Eye).

LyavhiLyahvi Attunement

Can use BW's Air spells, Heaven spells involving light, Anima spells related to sight/hearing/smell, and White spells.

Gray Magic (the neutral magic at the hub of the Pvaric Wheel) can be learned/cast with any of these attunement trait.