About Nolah

The solitary Nolah, also known as The Dank Stalker is man-sized creature, bipedal in appearance, with skin of dark grey.


Nolah have rubbery, boneless bodies, which they can stretch and contort so as to be able to 'flow' through tiny holes and cracks.

Nolah are fond of damp, dark places, such as caves. Their dark grey skin and ability to contort themselves gives them excellent camouflage in underground hiding places. They are cunning predators, fond of all sorts of flesh, who use magic to charm the minds of their prey.

Nolah are among the most intelligent and cunning Ivashu.

Prior Versions

The Nolah writeup found here is a modified version of one originally posted by Skiorht in the "Ivashu for Burning Wheel" thread on the HârnForum.

Nolah for Burning Wheel

This page contains a Burning Wheel version of the Nolah, one of the five most common types of Ivashu.


The Dank Stalker, or Hârnic Troll: a rubbery, malleable biped with a taste for man-flesh.

Generic Nolah Beliefs

Generic Nolah Instincts

Nolah Stats, Attributes, Traits, Skills, etc.

The table below provides typical stats, attributes, traits, skills, and weapons for a generic Nolah. There could be variations among individual Nolah.

Several of the traits listed are Ivashu common traits, found on the general Ivashu page. Other traits are unique/specific to Nolah. (A list of unique Nolah traits is found below.) All other traits are either self-explanatory character/cosmetic traits or taken directly from the Monster Burner. For convenience, all traits taken from the Monster Burner are accompanied by a reference to the page number on which the trait is discussed.

Nolah: The Dank Stalker
Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo He Re Ste MW Res Cir
B5 B6 B6 B4 B4 B5 B6 B4 B7 B11 B0 B2
Stride 7 Hesitation 5
PTGSSu Li Mi Se Tr Mo
B3 B6 B8 B9 B10 B11
Char Beast of the Barren Cycle, Damp-Loving, Sexless
Die Alien (p. 319), The Brooder's Tongue, Call to Prey, Cruel Strength (p.325), Obedient to the Brooder's Call, Malleable Body, Rubbery Hide, Tough (p.192)
Call Natural Pattern (p.335)
Skills Climbing B5, Tight-Space wise B3, Cudgel B3, Man-wise B3, Stealthy B5, Swimming B4, Wrestling (Martial Art) B4, High Speech (Ivashi) B6
Weapons and DamageType/Name I M S Length VA WS Add
Bare Hands B2 B4 B6 Shortest 3 2
Cudgel B3 B6 B9 Short 2

Nolah-Specific Traits

Call to Prey Dt Nolah

Nolahs possess a unique abiilty to charm potential victims. The Nolah may attempt to place a Call on any single potential victim within its line of sight. To do so, the Nolah tests its Will against a target Ob. equal to the victim's Will. The roll is open-ended. If successful, the Nolah may— either immediately— or at some point later, compel the victim to fall into a trance and walk towards the Nolah. A call remains in place, even if Line of Sight is broken, until the Nolah terminates it, or the would-be victim travels a league or more away from the Nolah. The call is also broken the instant a Nolah touches one enchanted by the call.

Malleable Body Dt Nolah

A Nolah is able to contort its body to squeeze through crevices and tight spaces. This enables it to move through extremely tiny spaces. This trait also gives it +2D to Climbing and Stealthy in appropriate surroundings.

Rubbery Hide Dt Nolah

A Nolah's skin is tough and rubbery. it acts as leather armor on all locations. Additionally, VA from blunt weapons (clubs, maces, etc.) is reduced by 2.