List of New Traits

Index of New Traits

This page contains an index and writeups of the new traits introduced on this site. A list of all new traits is to the left; detailed trait desciptions are below.

Trait Descriptions

Adherent Dt Cultural Trait

This trait indicates which Hârnic god a character follows. The deity must be specified when the trait is taken. The trait should be written on the character sheet as "Adherent of Agrik," Adherent of Peoni,", etc. The trait modifies Burning Wheel's Faith rules as follows: A character with the Faithful trait may only receive help on Faith tests from those who are Adherents of the same god.

At GM/group discretion, the Adherent trait may limit the kinds of miracles that a Faithful character may perform or modify Faith rolls. For more information, see the Spheres of the Gods page.

Alien Dt Ivashu Trait

Because they are so strange, communication between Ivashu and non-Ivashu is very difficult. Effects are as described in the Monster Burner, p. 319.

Beast of the Barren Cycle Ct Ivashu Trait

The souls of Ivashu are bound to the god Ilvir. When an Ivashu dies, its soul is reincarnated into other Ivashu. The effect of this trait in play is up to the discretion of the GM and players.

Blinker Dt Umbathri Trait

Umbrathi can 'blink' in and out of this plane of existence, and can re-appear in a different location. When 'blinked', an Umbrathi is completely undetectable and can ignore walls, barriers, etc. when moving. An Umbrathi can stay blinked for as long— or as short— as it wishes.

In combat, it takes an Umbathri one action to either blink into or out of existence. This move is scripted as "Blink In" or "Blink out". When blinking in combat, an Umbathri maybe considered to have a Stride of 15.

Brooder's Tongue Dt Ivashu Trait

Intelligent Ivashu speak Ivashi fluently; less intelligent Ivashu may know a few words or appear to understand it. Ivashu with a Perception of 4 or higher possess Ivashi as a skill with an exponent equal to Perception; Ivashi with a Perception of 3 or less possess Ivashi as a skill equal to half of Perception (rounded down).

Call to Prey Dt Nolah

Nolahs possess a unique abiilty to charm potential victims. The Nolah may attempt to place a Call on any single potential victim within its line of sight. To do so, the Nolah tests its Will against a target Ob. equal to the victim's Will. The roll is open-ended. If successful, the Nolah may— either immediately— or at some point later, compel the victim to fall into a trance and walk towards the Nolah. A call remains in place, even if Line of Sight is broken, until the Nolah terminates it, or the would-be victim travels a league or more away from the Nolah. The call is also broken the instant a Nolah touches one enchanted by the call.

Choking Wind Dt Aklash Trait

An Aklash can use its breath as a weapon by belching foul air at an opponent. This is scripted as "Belch" and has a base target of Ob. 1, plus any normal Fight modifiers for range, movement, etc. A Belch may be countered by Avoid, but Block or Counterstrike have no effect. For an Aklash belch, target location is irrelevant and there is no armor defense. If successful, the belch triggers a new Steel test in the victim, with additional successes by the Aklash increasing hesitation. An Aklash may not use its breath as a weapon more than once every three actions.

An Aklash may use its breath when calculating for positioning in a Fight volley if it has a Belch move scripted during that volley; it counts as a weapon in the “longest” category.

Color Blind Dt Aklash Trait

Aklash have poor vision and no sense of color. They are at +1 Ob to all observation tests and vision-based Perception tests.

Convocational Attunement Dt Lifepath Trait

The character is attuned to one of the six Pvaric convocations (Fyvria, Jmorvi, Peleahn, Lyavhi, Savorya, or Odvishe). The specific convocation must be chosen at the time the trait is taken. The character may learn, cast, abstract, and develop spells of the chosen convocation. The character may also learn and cast Gray Magic (i.e. spells at the hub of the Pvaric Wheel, belonging to no convocation).

Lifepath Trait

The character has gained a fondness for bribes, gifts, and favors. +1D advantage to any attempt to bribe the character.

Deep Brainpan Dt Aklash Trait

An Aklash's brain is not located in its skull, but in a protected brainpan inside of its thick, blubbery chest, beneath an additional layer of bones. Add +1 to Mortal Wound.

Earth Drinker Dt Hru

Hru do not eat or drink; like a tree, they draw their sustenance from the earth itself. A Hru can only 'starve' if it is removed from contact with rock or soil for an extended period of time.

Foul Miasma Dt Aklash Trait

Even when not breathing directly at an opponent (see Choking Wind, above), a foul miasma always surrounds an Aklash. Anyone who enters into the presence of an Aklash must make an immediate Steel check. Failure results in nausea-induced hesitation for a number of actions equal to the margin of failure. (Note: Presence would include any Fight range other than missle range. This means that in a Fight situation, an Aklash's opponents will have to make a Steel check immediately aftr engaging the Aklash).

Godless Dt Cultural Trait

The character is not an adherent of any gods. Faith (used by others) can still affect the character, but s/he may not possess the Faithful trait or any other religious-themed traits (such as Adherent, Aura of Martyrdom, Believer, Faith in Dead Gods, etc.)

Impervious Dt Umbathri Trait

Umbathri are completely impervious to all kinds of physical attacks. Weapons, hurled objects, and even mundane fire and lightning to do them no harm (although they may find them annoying).

Legion Service
Lifepath Trait

Legion service has provided the character lasting social connections. This provides a +1D affiliation with one of Tharda's legions or the Red Guard.

Low Frequency Hearing Dt Hru

Hru can hear (and feel) infrasonic sounds that cannot be heard by most other creatures. +2D on Perception tests involving low pitches or vibrations.

Low Frequency Voice Dt Hru

Hru speak (or to be more accurate, sing) in a rumbling voice barely on the threshold of human hearing. The low vibrations of Hru-voices can carry for great distances through rocky ground. Hru-song is disconcerting for most non-Hru to hear. +2 Ob. on any social tests by Hru on non-Hru.

Magically Sensitive Dt Umbathri Trait

Umbathri are extremely sensitive to magic, and may variously be drawn to— or repelled by— its use/presence. Sorcery used against Umbrathi is always at +1D to the attack. Enchanted weapons or objects can harm Umbathri, no matter what the nature of the enhantment.

Malleable Body Dt Nolah

A Nolah is able to contort its body to squeeze through crevices and tight spaces. This enables it to move thorugh extremely tiny spaces. This trait also gives it +2D to Climbing and Stealthy in appropriate surroundings.

No Sense of Smell Dt Umbathri Trait

Umbathri have no sense of smell. All perception rolls in which olfaction could be helpful are at +2 Ob.

Not Entirely of This World Ct Umbathri Trait

Umbathri exist only partly in the ordinary material, mundane world. They simultaneously exist in another world and react to its phenomena at the same time as they react to those of our world. This is one reason for their insanity.

Obedient to the Brooder's Call Dt Ivashu Trait

As spawn of Ilvir, Ivashu are subject to the god's power. Adherents of Ilvir with the Faithful trait may attempt to command an Ivashu by making a Faith test with a target obstacle equal to the Ivashu's Will. Attempts to command multiple Ivashu impose an additional +1 Ob. per additional Ivashu.

Note: Penalties from the Alien trait do not apply when a faithful Ilviran is seeking to command an Ivashu. This is divine power at work— not social interaction.

Powerful Tail C/O Vlasta

The Vlasta's muscular tail provides it with balance and momentum. Call-on for Avoid and Counterstrike moves agains larger opponents.

Regenerating Flesh Dt Aklash Trait

The skin and fat of an Aklash heal with terrifying rapidity. Each volley, one superficial wound will heal over. In the absence of superficial wounds, one light wound (-1D) will heal to become two superficial wounds (+1 Ob. total). In the absence of either superficial or light wounds, a midi, severe, or traumatic wound will heal (remove -1D from the wound's damage level and replace it with two superficial wounds).

Rolls of Blubber Dt Aklash Trait

The entire body of the Aklash is covered with a thick layer of protective blubber. This blubber reduces all incoming damage from blunt weapons or constriction by two pips on the PTGS scale (e.g. from B8 to B6); incoming damage from other sources (edged/piercing weapons, fire, etc.) is reduced by one pip. Cf. the trait Iron Hide on p. 333 of the Monster Burner.

Rubbery Hide Dt Nolah

A Nolah's skin is tough and rubbery. it acts as leather armor on all locations. Additionally, VA from blunt weapons (clubs, maces, etc.) is reduced by 2.

Lifepath Trait

Some courtesans achieve dubious renknown. This trait gives a +1D infamous/notorious reputation.

Sexless Ct Ivashu Trait

Ivashu are sexless and do not reproduce on their own. They do not understand many concepts so important to humans— like 'child', 'parent', 'male', 'female', and 'family',

Shapechanger Dt Hru

At night, Hru are giant, bulky bipeds; during they day, they sleep in the form of large boulders or rockpiles. In day-form, Hru are immobile and indistinguishable from normal boulders; it takes an Ob. 9 Perception test to tell that a boulder or rockpile is actually a sleeping Hru.

(Note: Although Hru can awaken and take biped form during the day, they do so only for the direst emergencies.)

Snatching Claws Dt Vlasta

The Vlasta's tiny arms end in hooked claws suitable for grasping and snatching objects, especially eyes. If a Vlasta scores a Superb result on a claw attack on target’s head, roll DoF. On a result of 1-3, normal damage occurs, on a 4-6 an eye is taken out. If an eye is snatched, increase damage by three pips (e.g. from B3 to B6) and the target must immediately make a Steel check.

Thundering Stride Dt Hru

The crushing, sound of Hru-steps is unnerving to those who hear it. In Fight, a Hru gets a free Intimidate action each exchange in which its positioning move is "Vie for Position". This action is resolved during the positioning phase of the exchange, in tandem with the positioning test. Any hesitation resulting from a failed Steel check by the Hru's opponent(s) starts on the first action of the exchange.